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Friday, 17 June 2011 18:33



The organization, in its item 4, is planning for initiatives and actions which aim at a better knowledge and understanding of Africa by the other peoples.

It also participates in the democratization and in the recovery of the continent through various activities.


Current Activities :

Mémoires d’Afrique (Memoirs of Africa)

CO-HABITER is the Representative in Switzerland of « Mémoires d’Afrique » (Memoirs of Africa) an international association the Founding father of which is the Reverend Israël Mensah.

The first stated goal of ‘’Mémoires d’Afrique’’ is to promote and preserve the African cultural values as well as to advocate for a unification of Africa in all its diversity.

The current activities in Switzerland are:

- reading workshop on the «Tales and Legends » with the Swiss pupils and particularly those who have an African origin

- Discussion with the municipal authorities in charge of the Early childhood for the introduction of the «Tales and the African legends » in day-care center for children.

- organization of cultural tours with the Swiss young people to visit the Coast of the slaves in Benin and Ghana followed by projection of film and by discussions with resources-persons.


IT Center and Library

Creation of IT centers and librairies based on the use of solar energy system in schools situated in rural areas.



Scholarship to the best worthy student at the end of the gymnasial program.
The support covers the school fees, accommodation, health and food.
In the best case, CO-HABITER can extend the support until the obtention of the Master's degree. Advanced courses are possible in an university or a high Swiss school.


Exchange on the realities of the western migration with the young people of the countries of the South in particular Africans :

Reduce the so psychic, moral and physical tragedies caused by the western migration on the youth of the said countries of the South and help the young people make an enlightened choice of immigration, to be better prepared to face the realities waiting for them and to start right from the beginning to gather tools for the process of their adaptation in the host society.

This is made through the sensitization based on testimonies, reports, projections of films and videos.


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