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Friday, 17 June 2011 18:29

Intercultural Dialogue

The official report on the intercultural dialogue entitled « Living together in equal dignity » is identified by the Council of Europe as the privileged tool for the management of the cultural diversity.

The ‘’Living’’ is based on the dignity of each individual and the identification of all to fundamental values of democracy and human rights.

CO-HABITER is particularly inspired by this report as the instrument for its work in promoting a « better living together »


Current Activities :

  • At municipal level :

Organization of intercommunity meetings which serve as intercultural exchange for the connection among the various communities, meeting for the local political authorities and the newcomers and a constructive discussion on all issues relating to «Life together ».


  • Training of the Youth on diversity

Intercultural Exchange among Youth of Europe

Training and Networking on diversity

Immersion of the Youth established in the area of newcommers.


  • Dialogue on the maintaining of good relationships between the staff of the SBB CFF FFS and the multicultural customers.

Workshop during the Sessions of Team on the inequalities of treatment and the intercultural relations.

Sensitization on the system of public transport for the newcomers.

Motivation for the good relationship of staff of public transport - customers for the benefit of newcomers.


  • Intervention in the Swiss and national debates on issues of ‘’living together’’.
  • Participation in the Working groups of the International NGO of the Council of Europe.

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