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Friday, 17 June 2011 18:21


There is a constant renewal of various forms of racism in the western societies.  The " classic racism", which refers to "races" based on biological differences claiming the superiority of one on the others, still persists in the mind of some people despite the repeated rebuttal made at the scientific level.

In addition to the above and according to Taguieff (La force du préjugé - The strength of the prejudice, 1987), there are new forms of racism which can be grouped in two categories: on one hand a racism which rejects the difference and claims assimilation to a unique identity of all the groups; on the other hand, a racism which advocates the sense of identity of each group and wants to preserve the exclusive differences among them. Presently, the reference made to culture and cultural features of the other (customs, language, religion, etc.) is central in the sense that it often justifies unequal treatments among the population.

Magaly Hanselmann, Head of the Cantonal Office for the Integration of Foreigners and Prevention of Racism, (BCI) - in INTEGRATION information n°31 - March, 2011.


The Basis of our work on racism and discrimination:

Our work is inspired by «Tools of intervention for the valuation of the diversity » proposed by Amoranitis S., D. Crutzen, A. Manço and al., (2010).

- Développer le mainstreaming de la diversité (Developping the mainstreaming of the diversity). - Recueil analytique d’outils d’intervention pour la valorisation de la diversité, Liège, IRFAM. (Analytical collection of tools of intervention for the valuation of the diversity, Liège, IRFAM)

Document available on :



Current activities:

Building the skills of the population on racism and discrimination:

- Project «Up to you – Up to Me »

- Project «Empowerment of migrants against racism »

Share of experiences and networking with organizations and institutions

- Participation in the platform on the evaluation of discrimination in urban space proposed by the Office for the Integration of Foreigners of Lausanne- (BLI).

- Platform for the 2011 election campaign initiated by the Federal Commission against racism.

Assistance to Victims


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